Transcontinental: Race to Istanbul

Get amped! Inspired to ride started it for many of us, it motivated many us to get our there are ride the open road. It has motived me so much i intend to ride the US in 2017! Now its the Transcontinentals time for an epic tale. To rent the film on Vimeo it is only a measly $3 we know you can pay that to help the filmmakers and get inspired!

” On the 24th of July 2015, 172 riders arrived in Garaardsbergen, Belgium and raced to Istanbul, Turkey.

The Transcontinental is a race like no other. Much like the early days of bicycle racing cyclist ride with no team cars or soigneurs to look after them. It is each for their own taking on Europe’s toughest terrain.

Race to Istanbul is a feature length documentary following the highs and lows of the race from the view of the Race Directors.

Directed and Produced by Barnaby Fox

Filmed by Barnaby Fox, Mike Hall, Anna Haslock, Lien Vanden and Marc Redford

Interviews conducted by Barnaby Fox and Mike Hall

Music by Barnaby Fox, Keith Fox and Thurston Shacklady

WARNING: Film does contain bad language at points. “

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