Best Bikepacking Seat Bags of 2016

When you think of bikepacking seat bags, you think of something that is lightweight and slim. Something that can fit you essential like a tent, trap, sleeping bag or food, something that avoids the wind as much as possible and something that can hold up to the rigors of the open road or wilderness. Below is a compilation of all the best bikepacking bags that are currently on the market midway through 2016.

Seat Bag Max Volume Price Seat Bag Information
Revelate Designs Terrapin System DryBag: 14L $127.99

The Terrapin is one of the most popular bags on the market, it has been used by tour divide racer and trans am racers alike. The Terrapin is designed to work Revelate’s dry bag that is specifically tapped to fit the Terrapin holster. The dry bag features an air relief valve to evacuate all the air from the bags making it smaller and more aero. Another handy features to the holster is the two extra mounting points on the top making it easer to strap just about anything to the top of the bag.

Apidura Saddle Pack DryBag Small: 9L
DryBag Large: 14L
Small: 11L
Medium: 14L
Large: 17.5L
Apidura have quickly become one of the most popular brand on the bikepacking scene, by  sponsoring big riders like Mike Hall and Tori Fahey. The non-drybag version of the Apidura Saddle Pack is one of the lightest bags on the market, but this is primarily due to its simplicity and lightweight fabrics.  The dry bag version while a bit heavier will ensure your important items stay nice and dry. We really like the dedicated rear light attachment on both bags styles.
J.Paks SeatPak V3 OneSize: 14L $165.00  J.Pak is one of the main custom bike bag manufactures around the USA. They make very high quality bespoke saddle bags and any other bag you may need for your bike adventures. The J.Pak SeatPak is made from super durable VX42 fabric, making it bombproof and should last for years of fun. Running down the bottom of the bag is a hard spine, that helps the bad stay pointed up and stops sagging.
Porcelain Rocket Mr. Fusion V2 OneSize: 13L $185.00

Porcelain Rocket have a winner on their hands with the Mr. Fusion V2. The Mr Fusion comes with a 13L 100% water-proof drybag and a very neat mounting system. The Mr. Fusion uses a seatpost clamping system. There is a clamp that clamps to the seatpost and tow main rods that go up the back of the bag. The mounting style ensures the bag is extra secure and stops the dreaded sway of the bag when you are out of the saddle putting down the power.

Ortlieb Seat-Pack OneSize: 16.5L $159.99

Earlier this year the big boy in the bike touring game, jumped into the bikepacking space with their Seat-Pack bag. The Seat-Pack is a drybag making it water tight to keep all your gear dry. The bag is one big piece it does not use the holster style that we see other companies like Revelate Designs or Restrap use. This makes the bag much lighter and simpler but at the same times makes loading it harder. I also really like to have the bag loose so I can use it as bag around camp or going to get groceries.

Bedrock Coconino Seat Bag OneSize: 12L $175.00  Just like Porcelain Rocket, Bedrock has designed their bag with stability in mid. Bedrock has added a aluminum bar that attaches to the saddle rails and the bag making a super secure and sway free setup. Unfortunately though the Bedrock bag is not waterproof.
Kada Pak Ratt 2 OneSize: 17L $49.99  The Kada Pak Ratt 2 is by far the best valve of all the bags that we have listed. At this price you really can’t go wrong. The bad doesn’t offer any special features of cleaver design tricks and it’s not waterproof, but what do you want for $50?
Blackburn Outpost OneSize: 11L $119.00 Blackburn is another one of the bigboy’s on our list, they make eveyrthing from lights to bags. the Outpost uses a very similar mounting style to the Revelant Designs bags, in that it uses the holster mount style. The Outpost comes with a 11L drybag that is designed to the holster. They setup is minimal though, it does not have any additional attachment point for lights or extra gear.
Green Guru Hauler OneSize: 7L $100.00 Far and away the most colorful bag is the Green Guru Hauler, you will not be missed with this colorful bag on the back of our bike! The Hauler uses a single bag designs and is not waterproof. A unique feature to the Hauler is the zipper pouch on the top bag, the pouch makes a great spot to store small things that you need to get quick access to like lights or gloves.
Specialized Burra Burra Stabilizer Small: 10L
Large: 20L
The Specialized Burra Burra Stabilizer, is the newest bag on the list. The Burra Burra Stabilizer is a single bag design, that is uses a seatpost clamp and a rode that goes thought the bag to add stability much like the Porcelain Rocket Mr. Fusion. The bag is also 100% waterproof.
Restrap Carryeveryting Small: 10L
Large: 20 L

The classiest of all the bags is the Restrap Carryeveryting, the Carryeveryting is a waterproof bag that uses the holster style mounting system. Instead of using straps like all the other seat bags manufactures Restrap, went with laces, they may add weight, they are harder to tightened and they may get in the way. But boy do they look sweet!

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